Practice Areas

We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of our clients. Our highly trained team specializes in various areas of law and business, in addition to having a strategic vision and an interdisciplinary approach to provide effective and customized solutions.

Corporate Area: comprehensive advice to companies


Mergers and Acquisitions - M&A

Real Estate

Tax area

Foreign Investment

Labor and Employment Area

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Insolvency and reorganization

Family Law

prevention of malpractices




Compliance: prevention on malpractices

Currently, organizations that are at the forefront in their respective sectors are distinguished by promoting a culture of developing good practices.

The relevance of this commitment has led us to develop a strategy for advising corporate governments of companies and public and private institutions on compliance with all those aspects that prevent malpractices and crimes that involve criminal liability of individuals and legal entities.

We support our clients in the implementation of compliance programs that reconcile the optimal development of their businesses with the national and international regulations in force regarding the good conduct of institutions in terms of probity, ethics and sustainability.

In this important challenge, the firm has signed an alliance with the consulting firm MPS COMPLIANCE, led by the outstanding experts in this field, María Teresa Muñoz Ortúzar and Clara Szczaranski Cerda, pioneers of compliance in Chile.

  Corporate Area: Integral advice to companies


    Our firm has a multidisciplinary team that provides advice to companies of different sizes according to their specific requirements. We offer our clients, both in Chile and abroad, our legal, tax and corporate expertise to implement the most relevant strategies for the creation and development of new businesses.

    Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A

      We advise in the process of valuation and sale of companies, with the certainty of generating the greatest commercial benefit for the partners and/or shareholders. We participate in the analysis of your current business and in the study of its future projections, with the objective of defining the best growth strategy according to your interests.

      We provide the advice required by our clients in the expansion of their businesses, both within Chile and abroad. We assist in the processes of merger, acquisition, division and reorganization of their companies, through a solid professional work in the commercial and financial operations as well as in the related strategic alliances.

      Family Office

        We assist individuals in asset management and in effective family and succession planning. We establish agreements that facilitate the integration of family members in the context of a going concern, developing mechanisms to prevent conflicts.

        We provide consulting and advice in the design and implementation of a customized Family Office structure. We provide the necessary assistance to carry out the operation of corporate businesses, such as the purchase and sale of companies, shareholder agreements, planning of new investments both in Chile and internationally, negotiation of contracts with service providers inside and outside the country, and the study of the tax systems where the company’s assets are located.

        SMEs and Start Up

          In Aranis & Espinosa we provide multidisciplinary and flexible advice oriented to a key sector for the development of the country, such as small and medium-sized companies.

          We know and adapt to the speed of the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation projects, providing them with the legal, financial and tax structure they require to support their continuity and growth in the Chilean and international market.

          Tax Area

            The firm’s interdisciplinary team provides assistance to our clients in tax matters. We have a vast experience, both in the resolution of judicial and administrative controversies, as well as in tax structuring based on tax compliance.

            Our advice includes reports on law, international taxation, transfer pricing, financing strategies, corporate reorganizations, profit sharing, business structuring, advice on special regimes and tax compliance.

            Labor and Employment Area

              We assist our clients in labor matters, in accordance with current regulations. We provide advice in the drafting of contracts, settlements, instructions and company regulations. We focus on preventive consulting, in order to avoid later legal proceedings.

              We accompany the process of hiring personnel, conducting labor audits, labor litigation and negotiation with unions.

              We provide legal advice in the drafting of procedures for obtaining work visas for foreigners in Chile.

              Insolvency and reorganization

                Our experience in practice areas such as corporate, labor, tax and litigation law allows us to provide a complete service in an insolvency scenario.

                When faced with insolvency or reorganization proceedings, we effectively assist creditors, shareholders, debtors, liquidators and overseers.


                  We provide specialized advice to national and foreign companies in registration, bidding and concession exploitation processes in all their stages.

                  Our assistance includes both the structuring of the company and the review and legalization of national and foreign documents required for the concession processes.

                  During the bidding phase, we provide legal support as legal counterpart of the concession granting institution and during the operation process we support the business needs.

                    Real Estate

                  We have an interdisciplinary team that assists in the management of real estate business in all its stages and in the resolution of disputes that may arise around them.

                  We address all the processes necessary for the security of the investment. Our services include advice in the realization of title studies, and in the drafting of the legal instruments necessary for their execution.

                  We assist in purchase and sale transactions and problem solving for the completion of real estate transfers. We mediate in the acquisition of real estate, negotiation with landowners and property brokers.

                  In co-ownership of real estate, we participate in the creation of communities, co-ownership regulations, structuring of easements, mergers and subdivisions of properties.

                  Foreign Investment

                  With 15 years of experience in the area, our team advises Chilean and foreign investors interested in developing a business both in Chile and abroad.

                  Our multidisciplinary work is directed to individuals or companies of different sizes, providing them with the legal tools for their operation in Chile. We make a strategic representation of our clients from a legal and business consulting perspective.

                  We assist national investors who are interested in developing their business abroad. For that purpose, in the country of destination, we enable their operations, incorporate companies or investment vehicles, open current accounts and manage investor visas. We look for the best strategy to carry out your business and advise you on its operation and management.

                    Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

                  In its 20 years of existence, Aranis & Espinosa has vast experience in highly complex litigation, arbitration and mediation.

                  Our practice includes disputes in different areas of law, both before arbitration tribunals and ordinary courts, in civil, commercial, family, labor, concessions, tax and administrative law matters.

                  Family Law

                  Family Law is a very sensitive area of practice, not only because of the complexity of the matters that are addressed, but also because of the importance of knowing the law involved and being able to establish strategies that imply the least economic and emotional damage in family restructurings. It is with this perspective that the family conflicts that come to our offices are approached, with a direct and sincere advice, which seeks to privilege agreements over the excessive judicialization of such delicate matters.

                  In the same way, the assistance in inheritance matters is focused on the protection of assets and the protection of emotional bonds, which are often interfered by disagreements that can be avoided. To this end, our firm deals with such matters either preventively, by means of a good inheritance planning, as well as by representing heirs in partition trials, besides acting as partition judges, with many years of experience in such jurisdictional function.